The origins of The Halloween Shirt Company started some time ago. Many years ago, in rural Western Kentucky, we decided to open a Halloween Store. Folks thought we were nuts! We drove people crazy with a 9 foot giant skull head adorning our property and organizing zombie walks.

In 2013, we wanted to print our own store/event shirts so we purchased some equipment and started printing. Soon, word spread and we were printing for businesses, churches, events, etc.

In the fall of 2016 we started designing and printing our own Halloween themed merchandise for our own stores. That idea proved to be successful! Over the next 3 seasons we expanded our design offerings and customers were in love.

After 15 years in the Halloween retail business, in December 2018 we made the decision to sell the contents of Main Street Costumes and start a new venture. As a result, The Halloween Shirt Company was born.

We look forward to creating, designing, and printing some of the most unique, stylish Halloween threads for you and yours. We look forward to you joining The Halloween Shirt Company Family!